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Deshedding Steam Cat Brush

Deshedding Steam Cat Brush

 Healthier Coat            
✓  Easy to Clean              
✓  Gentle on Cat's Skin 
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How It Works

Simply fill the brush reservoir with water, optionally adding a few drops of cleansing solution for extra freshness. Run the brush through your cat's fur, focusing on problem areas like mats and tangles. The steam softens these areas, making them easier to brush out. Enjoy a beautifully groomed cat with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

Our Guarantee

At Cutesy Cat Club, we stand behind the quality of our products. That's why we offer a 30-day guarantee on our Deshedding Steam Brush. If for any reason the product is not working correctly, simply reach out to us within 30 days of purchase, and we'll happily replace it for you. Your satisfaction is our priority, so if you're not completely delighted with your purchase, we'll provide you with store credit to find the perfect alternative for your furry companion.

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We offer Free, fast, and reliable shipping on all orders. You can expect to receive it within 7-21 business days based on your location.

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I can't believe how much easier grooming has become since I started using the steam cat brush! My long-haired cat used to dread grooming sessions, but now she actually purrs with delight when I bring out the brush. Plus the design is so cute! I highly recommend this brush to all cat owners!

- Sarah, Tennessee, USA

Elevate Grooming Time 🐈

Transform your cat's grooming routine into a luxurious spa-like experience with our Deshedding Steam Cat Brush. This innovative tool combines the relaxing benefits of steam with gentle brushing action to pamper your feline friend like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the brush be used on cats with sensitive skin?

Yes, the Deshedding Steam Cat Brush is designed with the comfort of your cat in mind. The gentle steam action and soft bristles make it suitable for cats with sensitive skin. However, we always recommend starting with short grooming sessions to ensure your cat's comfort and monitoring their skin for any signs of irritation.

Is the Deshedding Steam Cat Brush safe for all cats?

Yes, the Deshedding Steam Cat Brush is suitable for cats of all breeds and sizes. Its gentle steam action ensures a comfortable grooming experience for your furry friend

How often should I use it?

We recommend using the Deshedding Steam Cat Brush regularly as part of your cat's grooming routine. Depending on your cat's coat type, daily or weekly grooming sessions may be ideal to maintain a healthy coat and minimize shedding.

Can it be used on other pets besides cats?

While the Deshedding Steam Cat Brush is specifically designed for cats, some pet owners have successfully used it on small dogs with similar coat types.

Customer Reviews

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Saige Carter


Faustino Bailey

Deshedding Steam Cat Brush

Alison Hodkiewicz

I put 4, although you can put 3, if the cat is long-haired and you, like me, are due to the fact that she will comb out a dofig of wool, then all this garbage combs out less than an ordinary comb, not effectively scratched a drop in different ways and with steam and without steam and with warm water and with ordinary, stupid. The only plus is that my pest somehow allows you to scratch it with this product, that's all. Came all the whole though slightly crumpled

Terrell Heidenreich

All good, it has Charger and battery.

Brooklyn Mante

Excellent! I recommend!